Workflow complete! Forced rebuilding has removed the last of the coffeesource branding!

Today I finalized the necessary workflow for the project.  There are three steps to this workflow:

  1. Live server
  2. Github repository
  3. Localized development in docker

For those of you that are keeping up, you may have noticed that I got the local development in docker working yesterday.  This makes any coding, changes, adjustments and testing very easy on my local machine with docker.

Today, I used that to delete two references to coffeesource that was still hanging around.  The first of which was the tab header, the second of which was in the footer at the bottom of the page.



With these changes pushed the the repository, I could finally test the force-rebuild of the server.   If I can make any changes live, then we are good to go for outsourcing the development with the help of  –  and it works!


Now that all the branding should be correct (and if you see any coffeesources left, definitely let me know!), I will work on getting a tier one task list ready for the announcement post!  We are moving ahead steadily on this project, follow us to stay informed!