We have received our first pull request from a Utopian contributor!

This is a historic moment!  (or an ‘istoric moment if you are British).

We got a notification that a pull-request has been added to our SteemLogs.Info Repository!



This was added by user @petertag, who reached out to us yesterday about the specifics of the task-request.  For those of you in the know – you know that we will now clone his fork, do some testing, and if everything goes right, accept the changes into our repository!

This shows the power of open source workflow – @petertag is in Denver, we are in Florida, contact was made through the Utopian colony sitting on top of the Steem Blockchain!


More to come from us very soon – we have big plans 🙂  Thank you for all the support so far, and be sure to FOLLOW us to stay up to date with our progress!