SteemLogs needs YOU – Task Request for a Beem Upgrade!

Welcome once again to another update to our @steemlogs journey!  I hope you have been following along, because we are going places!

After speaking again on the Idea Hub about the future of SteemLogs and what we are trying to build, we are ready to launch our first task request.  We are going through the beem documentation, and the first step is to upgrade the back-links generator to a beempy call.


We are working with our SteemLogs.Info Repository, and all the related code is stored in there.  Currently the back-links generator uses a steempy library to call account information and posts.   This is done something like this:


As we are reading the BEEM documentation, we are very excited to transition to using the BEEM libraries to access the information stored in the STEEM blockchain.  And we are looking for a developer to help us do this.

The first task will be limited to the backlinks generator call, which lists all the old posts by a given username in a very specific format: [TITLE](/tag/url-title).  We want to keep the links relative so that user experience is always maintained and users of different front-ends are never ‘pulled’ out of their experience.  This also makes the back-links generator ‘condenser-agnostic’.


Beem is at the forefront of python development best-practice on STEEM, and we are looking forward to learning more about it and integrating its capabilities fully into our project.  As stated earlier we ourselves are reading the Beem documentation and testing some of its functions.

Ideally the person who submits for this task request would be willing to work with our member to improve understanding, but this is not necessary!  All pull requests will be tested and the functioning code will be accepted for this task-request regardless of ‘extra-curricular’ activities.

The SteemLogs project thanks you for your interest, as well as giving a hearty thank you to the entire STEEM community, all utopians and everyone who dreams of a more decentralized and more easily accessible future!

The Team:


A professional lifelong learner, @ecoinstant builds bridges and connects dots in order to make this world a better, more sustainable place.  All his projects are connected – linked by a love for life and his determination to create living, loving systems.


A faith filled and faithful husband with four children, Jack Miller sees the potential of STEEM to change the future for the children of this Earth.  His prayer: “Yesterday is in the past, it is what I do today that matters”