Steemlogs.Info is better than ever! Finalizing Load All button functionality

We have been making great progress on modernizing our Back-Links generator on SteemLogs.Info, and now the load more button works like a charm, as well as the Load All button is alive and (mostly) functioning.  Today we have what we anticipate will be the last development task-request for MVP for this part of the site!


The load more and Load all buttons are working great, but they get only to a certain point and then they stop.  While testing this, I wondered if it was just a specific date, perhaps a hard fork, but the distance into the past is not consistent with dates.   Testing with @jackmiller’s blog takes us back to an article about 5 months ago, while testing @ecoinstant’s blog takes us back to over a year ago – but neither take us to the original, first blog.


Because of the filtered resteem, this could be a fixed number of posts appearing on our blog.  Jack is known to resteem a lot more than Eco, so its possible that we are hitting a ‘soft-cap’ of previous posts.

We propose to test the soft-cap theory, and perhaps add a loop to test for additional blogs starting at this point.  Going further than MVP, we would also like to add some visuals to the Load All button beyond the loading circle, either a progress bar or even intermittant listing of the blogged back-links as the calls are made.  This add-on is not required for this task, but is something to think about while making the requested development.


A further thank you to @petertag for his patient work and great communication, and all of the utopian team of moderators and developers – let’s continue to build a future where open source code is incentivized!


We are looking forward to the proposal put forward through pull-request.  Again, any python developers are invited to participate in this process, but ideally the participants would be able to have good communication with our team about the developments.    As always, our project repository can be found HERE.



The CORE Team:


A professional lifelong learner, @ecoinstant builds bridges and connects dots in order to make this world a better, more sustainable place.  All his projects are connected – linked by a love for life and his determination to create living, loving systems.


A faith filled and faithful husband with four children, Jack Miller sees the potential of STEEM to change the future for the children of this Earth.  His prayer: “Yesterday is in the past, it is what I do today that matters”