SteemLOGS Featured on Utopian.IO IDEA HUB podcast – Follow us for future development!

Welcome to the world of STEEMLOGS!  Maybe you have used the old tool, maybe you heard about us on the Utopian Idea Hub show, maybe you have no idea what you are getting yourself into – you are going to want to follow @steemlogs! has an interesting history, but we aim to be the most useful place to mine your own content (and others) on the steem blockchain!  It started under the name when @ecoinstant asked @kit.andres for help programming a new tool to easily create a table of contents for past blogs.  We quickly added on other tools like the image backlinker and the selfie-album generator.

These tools were just the beginning!  @ecoinstant began searching for backup, someone with the vision to see the possibilities, and came into contact with the eminent @jackmiller!  During the crypto winter, allies can be hard to find, but we are now working to take this project into the mainstream.





We are working with Utopian-io to release an announcement post that will whitelist this project on their platform.  This will align with a task list that anyone can contribute to, allowing us to harness the full power of the open source community!  This will spur our development on faster than any of us could manage alone.


We have a lot of work ahead of us – click that follow button and enjoy the ride!