Beem Upgrade continues! – Load Button task request

We here at @steemlogs very happy to report that our first task-request was successful, with the pull-request initiated by @petertag working like a charm!  This upgrade has been accepted, and is now live on our site: SteemLogs.Info!  We now will move into our second pull request in this series, which will involve updating the syntax for the load button, which currently only works once, please read on below for details!




We are continuing to improve and upgrade the back-links generator with beem technology, and the next step is to upgrade our loading button and make sure we can load more than once.  Currently the load button is working, but only once.  We have also received requests for a “Load All” button for those who have blogged for a very long time, and would like to mine deeper in their blog.


Our repository contains all of the code, and the load button is currently housed in /app/static/js/accounts/load_posts.js.  It is possible that the load button is incorrectly communicating with the api in order to be used multiple times.



We are looking forward to the proposal put forward through pull-request.  Again, any python developers are invited to participate in this process, but ideally the participants would be able to have good communication with our team about the developments.  Our experience last time with @petertag was very fulfilling.

The @SteemLogs project thanks you for your interest, as well as giving a hearty thank you to the entire STEEM community, all utopians and everyone who dreams of a more decentralized and more easily accessible future!

The Team:


A professional lifelong learner, @ecoinstant builds bridges and connects dots in order to make this world a better, more sustainable place.  All his projects are connected – linked by a love for life and his determination to create living, loving systems.


A faith filled and faithful husband with four children, Jack Miller sees the potential of STEEM to change the future for the children of this Earth.  His prayer: “Yesterday is in the past, it is what I do today that matters”