Announcing SteemLogs.Info project on! Help us mine the blockchain for your great content!

I, like many of you, have spent a lot of time and effort publishing on the STEEM blockchain, in fact more than on any other platform in my entire life. But while there are many tools to see different flows of information, I have yet to find a great, comprehensive tool for different ways of mining the STEEM chain. The long term goal of SteemLogs is to become the go-to search engine multi-tool for STEEM.

Starting out, we have our filterable backlinks generator, good for making markup ready link lists. We also have our image backlinks generator, for easier use of images you have already uploaded. Along with these and other, more niche tools like the selfie-album generator, we have an incredibly quantity of tools in mind to add to STEEMLOGS.INFO – and we need your help!


Project History and future:

The history of this tool is long, but this is the start of a Brand New story for STEEMLOGS.INFO. As we will show you in this post, we have a roadmap to success which allows us to grow individual tools, or modules. Each module can be improved and added to independently, which will permit us to build a repository of the most useful mining tools for the STEEM blockchain.

By using a modular design, we can minimize complexity and downtime, as well as develop on multiple fronts. We also have many plans for community interaction with our tool, and we aim to be the premier search engine designed to mine content on the steem blockchain.

What is ‘mining’ content?

Let’s stop here and delve a little deeper into what we mean by mining content.  We have tons of specific tools in mind, but the general principle is transforming the content on the STEEM blockchain in usable ways.

When we started this tool with the Back Links generator, there was no ‘Hide Resteem’ button on the steemit interface, so finding your old blogs was a marathon of scrolling.  Even then, when successfully finding them, there were half a dozen clicks necessary for each post, entering, copying the url, pasting, copying the title, pasting, adding brackets and parenthesis, and going back to the whole list.  And when you went back to the list, all the old posts you had spent so much time scrolling and loading were gone, requiring you to start all over!

We recognize the immense possibilities available with STEEM, but if we are going to be able to truly use our forever content, we need a better way to access, search and visualize our old data.


Tiered task-list:


Tier 1: Upgrade to Beem

The most important task we have right now is to transition from a deprecated version of steempy to the beem libraries. We are looking for help from a python developer that can help us upgrade what we already have before starting to increase functionality.

There are two principle tasks here, the first of which is the Backlinks Generator’s python call, the second of which is the Easy Image Backlinker’s python call.

Ideally we would like to work with a python developer who is open and easy going, able to explain what is being done to someone who is just starting to read the beempy documentation.

Tier 2: Aesthetics and Design

After completing the first tier, we will begin working through the second tier task-list which will include help with CSS, a new banner, and the creation and digitization of the logo for the site.  In this stage we will focus on making the UI/UX more friendly with a focus on clean, outstanding design.


This phase will have in mind principles such as ‘first impression’, ‘easy of use’ and ‘even my four year old can use it’.  More advanced tools will be available behind tabbed organization while more commonly used tools will be pushed to the front.


Tier 3:  New features, adding a database, community outreach and more!


Later, we will happily open up tasks for new tools on our list, as well as open up a forum for suggestions, as we are eager to make this the most useful tool for mining content on the STEEM blockchain, for ALL users.

While adding features from our list will take priority to start, we believe that the community participation and outreach will snowball into becoming the main driver behind site innovation.  Continuing with our modular approach, we anticipate developing niche tools for many different groups across the broad spectrum of use cases on the STEEM blockchain.

One such example could be IPFS node analysis for dtube videos.  An easy tool where a user could put their user name in and get returned a filtered list of their dtube videos, along with status (available or unavailable) and a list of other pertinent information.  This would be useful to some users, but not all, and could integrate with programs such as @onelovedtube’s paid service.


The Team:


A professional lifelong learner, @ecoinstant builds bridges and connects dots in order to make this world a better, more sustainable place.  All his projects are connected – linked by a love for life and his determination to create living, loving systems.


A faith filled and faithful husband with four children, Jack Miller sees the potential of STEEM to change the future for the children of this Earth.  His prayer: “Yesterday is in the past, it is what I do today that matters”

Thank you for the warm reception here on the STEEM blockchain; all questions, comments, resteems, follows and all manner of support is greatly appreciated.  More to come!