The first step to making anything happen is


Relaying it and opening up the doors to discussion.

Knowledge Sharing

Taking an open approach to making ideas come to life in a community such as those that are on Steem is a guaranteed key to success.


With the Utopian community on Steem we are guaranteed to see "Ideas + Knowledge Sharing" happen.

Utopian = A "Community" that works!


Working Together To Make Steem Everything It Can Be!

United efforts into ensuring all the necessary tools and applications that can help make Steem everything it can be.

There is so much potential and the idea is to concentrate on getting things done.

Steemlogs is an idea that can easily be incorporated into the front ends that are hooked up to Steem.

So the idea is there, the beginning of it is there and with Utopian and the general proactive and constructive nature of Steemians we are on a winner!

Soon enough this will be a high speed tool!

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Next Steps...

Get the prototype up and running.

Get everything onto Github.

Ensure an effective means of communications.